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Sales and Purchases

Our specialist property solicitors work closely with the sales and purchases team, ensuring that when buying or selling a dental practice, whether it’s dealing with a freehold, an assignment of a lease or the granting of a new lease, the property aspect is dealt with by specialists in the field. We ensure that the property element is progressed quickly and efficiently. As part of a sale of purchase of a practice our property team will:

  • Deal with all property enquiries from both a Buyer and Seller perspective
  • Draft and negotiating the terms of commercial leases
  • Act for banks and lenders in respect of any enquiries they have ensuring that their security is perfected
  • Deal with registration of the property at HM Land Registry
  • Deal with properties held in SIPPs

Rent Reviews

The rent review provisions allow the rent under a lease to be varied and can occur every 5 years although some have a 3 yearly pattern. Rent Review provisions can be some of the most complex clauses in a Lease. Our team has extensive experience in advising on all aspects of rent review negotiations from both the Landlord and Tenant perspective.

Option Agreements

Our team can help you with an Option Agreement. Under an option agreement, a person is given a right to buy a piece of land, usually limited to a certain period of time and in some cases subject to formalities such as serving notices. The price may be fixed or determined by a valuation at the time at which the purchase takes place. This may be used where a tenant occupies the property under a commercial lease and the landlord allows the tenant the option to purchase the property at a later date.

Pre-Emption Rights

This is also known as a ‘right of first refusal’, which differs from an Option Agreement. The potential buyer is only able to buy the land once the seller is ready to sell the property. The pre-emption right means that, if the owner decides to sell the property, the potential buyer must firstly be offered the property before it can be sold to anyone else. This may apply where a tenant holds the property under a commercial lease and the landlord agrees that the tenant has the right of first refusal to purchase the property if the landlord intends to sell. Make sure you have the correct rights and obligations for you by calling a member of our property team.

Licence to Occupy

If you allow someone to use part of your property for another purpose such as letting a room to a cosmetics practitioner, this will require the creation of a Licence to Occupy. This grants the person permission to use your property on a short-term basis but does not give them exclusive possession. You should always ensure that the rights and responsibilities of both parties are written down in a properly drafted Licence to Occupy.  Ask our team for further information.

Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements

If you let out part of your dental practice to allow someone to live in part of your premises, this will require the creation of a tenancy agreement. It can be an oral agreement or it can be written down. You should always ensure that the rights and responsibilities of both parties are written down in a properly drafted Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement.

Please note that our property team can provide advice on all aspects of both commercial and residential property. Whether you instruct us as part of the sale or purchase of a practice or have a separate residential or commercial property query, we are able to help. The property team at FTA Law pride themselves on providing a seamless service taking the stress out of buying, selling or managing all types of property.

We will be happy to provide you with a fixed fee where ever possible and provide you with the costs of searches, Land Registry fees and stamp duty so you know from day one the costs involved.

Please contact us for further information on 0330 088 2275 or provide your details below and we’ll be in touch.

The team at FTA Law provides advice to clients across the commercial and healthcare sectors with many of our instructions coming from referrals from long standing clients and industry contacts.

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We understand that price is a big concern for our clients and we always aim to offer a fixed fee for our services.

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