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Health & Safety Services

Based on annual fee and minimum 2 year contract FTA Law will provide the following:

Health & Safety Management system

For any business with 5 or more employees there is a legal requirement to have a documented health & safety management system that is compliant with the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974. We can develop your system and/or ensure that your system is compliant.

Risk assessments

It is a legal requirement to conduct and document risk assessments of work related activities and to put in place preventative measures where there is the potential risk of injury or ill health. We can ensure that you have appropriate documented risk assessments and conduct these if not.

Safe Systems of Work

Where hazards cannot be eliminated and some risk exists there is a legal requirement to develop, document and implement safe systems of work; these define the safe procedures that need to be followed when carrying out the work activity. We will assess your existing safe systems of work and/or develop ones that cover your high risk areas of work activity.

Fire Safety

All businesses have a legal requirement to comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire safety) Order 2005. This requires that fire risk assessments and preventative measures and your procedures for dealing with a fire or emergency are conducted and documented. We can conduct a risk assessment your workplace and provide advice on your fire risks and recommend preventative measures.


An external health & safety and fire safety audit by an external health & safety specialist helps to endorse your existing work safety practices and can identify your health & safety and fire safety risks. We will conduct an audit of your site(s) every 6 months and provide a detailed written report with advice on ways to improve or reduce risks.

Control of Hazardous Substances (COSHH)

It is a requirement under the COSHH Regulations 2015 that you conduct a risk assessment off all hazardous substances stored, handled and used in the workplace and to record these.  In addition to make available to employees details of any substances that may have health risks and the preventative measure to take.  We will conduct a risk assessment and/or assess your existing risk assessment to ensure that they are compliant with the law.


It is a legal requirement that employees are made aware of health & safety and fire safety. As part of our service we will provide half a day’s health & safety or fire safety training in each contracted year

Email updates

Keeping abreast of health & safety and fire safety can be daunting, and being aware of typical accidents and prosecutions is important in raising awareness and helping to keep your workplace safe. We provide a regular newsletter keeping you up to date on relevant and important issues.

Annual Meeting

In addition to the bi-annual audits our specialist will visit you every 12 months.

Additional Services:

The following services can be provided at additional costs, we would be happy to quote you for these:

Accident Investigations
Following any RIDDOR reportable accident it is important that an investigation is conducted and documented, as the enforcement authorities will require to see this to determine if there has been a breach of the health & safety legislation.


In addition to the above we can provide a range of training health & safety and fire safety training courses for:

  • Senior Managers
  • Staff
  • Health & Safety representatives, and
  • Fire marshals

All attendees receive a course attendance certificate.

Noise assessments

We can conduct a noise risk assessments of your workplace and work activities and provide a report according the Control of Noise at Work regulations 2005 and give advice on preventative measures.

Health & Safety is governed under the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and enforced by the Health & Safety Executive (or Local Authority) officers. Fire safety is governed under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Act 2005 and enforced by the Fire & Rescue Services.  The enforcement officers have the right to request access, interview, take samples and equipment and to issue improvement notices, prohibition orders and to prosecute. In addition, they have the right to charge for their time when non-compliances are identified.  It important to show that your business is pro-active in eliminating or controlling the risks in your workplace; failure can result in heavy penalties including custodial sentences.

The team at FTA Law provides advice to clients across the commercial and healthcare sectors with many of our instructions coming from referrals from long standing clients and industry contacts.

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We understand that price is a big concern for our clients and we always aim to offer a fixed fee for our services.

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