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Employment & HR Services

No matter what the issue is regarding, the employment team at FTA Law offers sound practical advice so that you can keep focus on the running of your practice, and to alleviate the burden that employment problems can inflict. We start by ensuring you have the correct and CQC compliant contracts, associate contracts, self-employed agreements and policies and procedures in place. We pride ourselves in producing bespoke agreements for your practice to minimise the risk of a dispute.  We can then help you deal with the day to day running of the practice from helping you with performance issues, sickness absence, flexible working, lateness, maternity/paternity, complaints by employees and much more.

Employment regulation has changed dramatically in recent years, becoming increasingly complex and onerous to practice owners. We can advise on individual matters or provide a comprehensive package to cover all your legal employment needs.

FTA Law also offers Oracle; an annual subscription service to cover all of the issues that you will face as a business owner or manager. For Further information please click here.

Before advising on the employment matter you have we listen attentively to your circumstances so that we can understand your situation and therefore give the best possible advice.

The team at FTA Law are aware that if you receive a solicitors letter or a claim via the Employment Tribunal that this can be a stressful, costly and time consuming process, so we have specialists in the team who deal with disputes ensuring that your objectives are achieved whether that may be proceeding to final hearing, having the matter struck out of court, or settling swiftly and confidentially by way of a settlement agreement.

We provide the HR and Employment helpline for ADAM (Association of Dental Administrators and Managers) and also are one of the partners of Practice Plan – ask your regional representative for further information.

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The team at FTA Law provides advice to clients across the commercial and healthcare sectors with many of our instructions coming from referrals from long standing clients and industry contacts.

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We understand that price is a big concern for our clients and we always aim to offer a fixed fee for our services.

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