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National minimum wage – Feb 2017

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National minimum wage changes

On April 1st, the National Living Wage (which applies to workers aged 25 and up) will increase from £7.30 per hour to £7.50 per hour, a rise of 4.2 per cent. In order to simplify matters, the increase to the National Minimum Wage (NMW) will also occur on April 1st, and both will continue to rise on this date each year.

Employees aged between 21 and 24 will receive a NMW of £7.05 per hour, up from £6.95, while those aged 18 to 20 will get £5.60, up from £5.55. Workers aged 16 or 17 will be eligible for a NMW of £4.05 per hour, up from £4. The rate of pay for apprentices will also increase by 10p per hour, up to £3.50.

This could impact how you budget for your hiring in 2017 so it is important to keep these changes in mind.

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