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Oracle COVID-19 Support Package

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Oracle COVID-19 Support Package


Having access to good impartial advice is essential, particularly as we are navigating such uncertain and unknown territory over the coming weeks.

That’s why our expert Employment and HR team is offering a new ‘Oracle COVID-19 Support Package’ to all dental practice owners or managers who are in need of support and advice at the current time.

The support package is available for 3 months and you’ll be able to ask our expert legal team for answers to those all-important employment and HR questions and concerns so that your practice continues to operate throughout this period.


  • Access via telephone advice line to our dedicated employment and HR legal team.
  • Email support from with our expert legal team
  • Regular email updates covering answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Documentation/letters we advise are needed to provide to employees.


Provided by the team headed up by Sarah Buxton, Director / HR & Employment Solicitor, FTA Law.


We appreciate that we are facing a difficult environment so our aim is to keep costs as low as possible when providing this service. This means that there will be a charge of just £100 + VAT per month in order to cover the cost of providing the helpline service.

(NB – Package duration is 3 months – covering April, May & June 2020)


To find out more or to sign up to the Oracle COVID-19 support package, please call 0330 088 2275.

The team at FTA Law provides advice to clients across the commercial and healthcare sectors with many of our instructions coming from referrals from long standing clients and industry contacts.

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We understand that price is a big concern for our clients and we always aim to offer a fixed fee for our services.

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