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Are you protecting your staff from the risks of COVID-19?

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Are you protecting your staff from the risks of COVID-19?

Workers are entitled to protection from being subjected to detriments on health and safety grounds, and have the right to be provided with PPE, in the same way that employees are. If you have any workers in your Practice it is vital that you are protecting them from the risks of COVID-19 in the same way as you are your employees, otherwise there is a high risk of an Employment Tribunal claim.

The Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain recently brought an application for judicial review on this topic and suggested that the government had failed to properly implement EU law on health and safety at work and the provision of PPE in the workplace. UK law previously only protected ‘employees’ rather than ‘workers’ however this significant judgement means that such protection will now extend to workers.

It is important that you are providing a safe working environment and adequate PPE to your staff, but also that you identify correctly which of your staff are employees, workers or self-employed. Our employment specialists are able to advise you on the different types of employment status, and what rights each of them entails, as well as draft the most appropriate contract for each type of status.

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