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Complaints Policy

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We know that from time to time mistakes will happen, things will go wrong – and where they do we want to sort it out and put things right as quickly and effectively as possible. We want to use any concerns or complaints as a way of improving our service. When we are dealing with complaints, we will always aim to be reasonable, fair and proportionate, and accessible and responsive to your needs. Our Complaints Handling Procedure tells you how to make a complaint and this Complaints Policy tells you what you can expect from us when you do.


  • We will always make you aware of how to complain, both when you first instruct us, and at the time you raise any concerns.
  • If you tell us about any special needs or disabilities you may have, we will try our best to make arrangements to accommodate you.

Good Client Care

  • We will ensure that the staff handling your complaint are properly trained and equipped and that they understand what they should do to provide a good complaints handling process.
  • We will handle your complaint in accordance with the law, any relevant policies and guidance, and with all published service standards.

Client Focus

  • Our Complaints Handling Procedure will be clear and simple and will contain as few stages as possible.
  • Your complaint will be acknowledged and dealt with promptly and you will be given clear timescales at each stage of the process.
  • We will deal with your complaint more quickly than the rules require us to if there is a reason why this is desirable.
  • We will communicate with you, whether in writing or on the phone, in a clear and understandable way.

Accountability and Transparency

  • We will properly investigate your complaint and objectively consider the issues and evidence involved.
  • We will give you a clear and honest explanation for the decision provided based on the evidence.
  • We will advise you of your right to complain to the Legal Ombudsman if you remain unhappy with our final decision.
  • We will keep an ordered and full record of the way in which your complaint was handled, and will not store this information on your matter file.

Acting Fairly and Proportionately

  • We will treat you impartially without any discrimination or prejudice.
  • Where reasonably possible, we will make sure that your complaint is reviewed by someone who was not involved in the matter leading up to your complaint.

Putting things Right

  • If we admit that we have made a mistake or omitted to do something that we should have done, we will offer you our full apologies at the earliest opportunity, as well as an explanation offered about what went wrong.
  • Any offer of redress we make you will be prompt and proportionate; we will always try to consider the impact of our mistake on you, and recognise any upset and inconvenience we may have caused.

Learning from Complaints

  • We will try to identify ways to improve the service we provide.
  • Whenever possible we will tell you of any changes to our procedures and systems which were introduced as a result of your complaint.

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